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To:  Brantford Gymnastics Academy


Meet Director:  Amber Tait


On behalf of the Aerobics Technical Committee I would like to extend a tremendous thank you to the Brantford Gymnastics Academy for hosting the Aero Cup Provincial Qualifier & the BGA Aerobics Invitational on March 2nd, 2019. 


As Meet Director, along with every member of your Organizing Committee and all your incredible volunteers, you are to be commended once again for a job well done. 


The refreshments and lunch provided, along with the warm hospitality extended to all the judges in attendance was very much appreciated.  The minor officials/assistants that were so kindly provided for us were well prepared, always cheerful and helpful to assist.  


Thank you also to those volunteers who prepared and organized the judging chits & paperwork for the competition and special thank you to those who arranged the venue to stage the event by helping to set up and take down equipment.


Please extend our congratulations to all the club/parent volunteers and our deepest appreciation for everyone’s exceptional hard work and organization.  Kudos to all for running a very successful, well organized gymnastics event.  


Lynne Smiley

Aerobic Gymnastics Technical Committee Chair