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Brantford Gymnastics Academy's Programs

Brantford Gymnastics Academy's recreational programs offer a fun, active environment for children in the Brantford, Ancaster, Paris, Simcoe and St. George region to experience. Participating in the gymnastic programs will help to develop muscles, strong bones, flexible joints, and all around improvement in motor skills. The skills, co-ordination, strength, balance and flexibility are all helpful when participating in any other sport.

**All registrants are required to pay an annual Insurance & Registration fee, annual July 1st  - June 30th each year.

Parent and Tot

The parent and tot program is for children (boys & girls) ages 18 months - 3 years old. During this program a parent is actively involved with the child, encouraging the guidance from the qualified instructor. The children will begin to learn fundamentals of the sport with the use of our various equipment, and enjoy learning to the incorporated games and music within the class.


Recreational 4-6 years old

The recreational 4-6 program is for children (boys & girls) ages 4-6 years old. The program is designed for the children to begin to participate independently, no experience necessary! In this program they will continue to learn the fundamentals of the sport, exploring co-ordination and balance!


Recreational 7-9 years old

This 1.5 hour class is for girls ages 7-9. This program will focus on the three "F's" of Gymnastics: FUN, FITNESS, AND FUNDAMENTALS. Gymnasts will continue to improve all co-ordination and balance that will help with many other activities!


Recreational 10+

The 2 hour recreational 10+ program is for girls ages 10-16, no experience necessary! This program will help you to improve your skills, balance and co-ordination, and develop new skills and strength! Incorporating fitness, flexibility, and focus, gymnasts will continue to learn skills to the best of their ability.


Advanced Recreational Program

The advanced recreational program is offered for girls ages 4+. This program is designed for experienced children. The children will begin to master skills and train more frequently ( 4 to 6 hours / week).


Inter Club Programs

The inter-club program is designed as an introductory to competitive gymnastics, training 6-9 hours / week. Gymnasts should have some experience upon entering the Inter-Club program. Gymnasts are allowed to compete at the Inter-Club level, as long as they are meeting the Gymnastics Ontario requirements. 

Pre Inter-Club Program: 6 hours / week                                                        
Ages 4-6 years

Inter-Club Program: 9 hours / week                                                                
Ages 7+ years


Beginner Tumbling

The tumbling program is designed for girls ages 8+ who are looking to further improve or develop their basic tumbling skills, as well as flexibility and fitness. 


Advanced Tumbling

The advanced tumbling program is designed for experienced tumblers looking to improve on handsprings, saltos, aerial and more! Experience is required, with a minimum skill level of standing back handspring. Tumblers are required to attend two 1.5 hour training sessions for a total of 3 hour / week.


Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics is a combination of fitness and gymnastics elements incorporated into a high paced routine that maximizes the development and use of core strength, flexibility and power. This program is designed for girls ages 8+ with some dance or gymnastics experience. There is an option to compete individual or group routines, as long as they are meeting the Gymnastics Ontario requirements. Those attending the Aerobic Gymnastics program will be required to train 4 hours / week. 

There is opportunity to compete in Aerobic Gymnastics as long as they are meeting the Gymnastics Ontario requirements. Please inquire at the BGA office regarding competition opportunity and competitive training for Aerobic Gymnastics.


Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private and semi-private lessons are available. Please call or email the office to inquire about a time suitable for you.

Private Lessons:  one on one training focused specifically on the athletes individual goals                                                          

Semi - Private Lessons: minimum 2 athletes, maximum 3 athletes