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Welcome to Brantford Gymnastics Academy

We are taking all possibile measuremens to provide a safety environment to all our members and staff when time comes to resume activity!

Our facility has been desinfected!

Gym view from viewing area

Competitive team 2019-2020

NOW LOCATED AT 487 PARK ROAD NORTH!! We are so humbled to be able to announce we are settling into our new home! All classes are now operating at 487 Park Road North! We look forward to seeing all of the smiling faces as they experience their new forever home! STAY TUNED FOR OPEN HOUSE DETAILS!

Now Located at 487 Park Road North!!

BGA OFFERING SIBLING DISCOUNTS! We would love for your family to enjoy our programs! Please contact the BGA office for discount details! Contact BGA @ 487 Park Road North, 519-304-7655,



Reopening protocols

Brantford Gymnastics Academy will resume training for competitive athletes only on June 1st, 2020 All other members please stay connected for updates!

In order to keep everyone safe and healthy please see bellow the protocols Brantford Gymnastics Academy will implement

Member awareness

*A waiver will be sent to all members to sign in order to enter our facility

*A declaration form must be executed by all members entering our facility

*Hand washing and physical distancing guidance will be posted in the high traffic area (main entrance, bathroom etc.)

*No one is allowed to enter our facility if they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days


Entering and Exit Facility 

*Limit carpooling among club participants, only members of the same family should be in a vehicle together 

*There are physical distancing marks outside the facility for parents and gymnasts to line up before entering 

*Physical distancing marks are made inside the gym as well

*All persons must properly wash with soap and water or sanitize hands upon entering facility 

*A staff member will escort the gymnasts inside the facility 

*Maximum of one parent (and no siblings) per gymnast inside facility who should remain physically distant 

*Viewing; we were asked to encourage parents to drop-off and pick-up as opposed to entering facility to watch the class

*Sitting will be marked off where people are allowed to sit You are not allowed to move any chairs in the viewing area

*The maximum number in the viewing area/lobby as of now if space permitted as dictated by the Province of Ontario for group gatherings is 5 

*If possible, parents/ guardians should pick up their gymnast outside. If the gymnast needs supervision while waiting for pickup, adults should be practicing physical distancing 

*Entrance will be at the front door and exit will be at the side door 

*Anyone feeling unwell MUST STAY HOME

*Once classes are over athletes and parents need to leave the gym, no lingering around and chatting 

*Prior to coming to the gym you are encourage to screen via self-assessment tool  


Facility Safeguarding 

*Please obey to physical distancing at all times

*Cleaning of facility will be done regularly, especially high traffic areas (e.g. entrance, washrooms, etc.)

*Hand washing guidelines will be displayed to show people how to properly wash their hands 

*Please follow the respiratory etiquette by coughing or sneezing into one’s arm or a tissue

*There will be hand sanitizing stations however we encourage that everyone should bring their personal one in case they might get allergic to the one provided 

*Equipment will be cleaned between classes and at the end of the day

*Once classes are over for the day and all athletes have left, all additional surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected 

*Every athlete should bring their own water bottle and there will be no sharing Water filling is allowed, but gymnasts must wash their hands before and after use

*Athletes must have their personal chalk container and are not permitted to share (chalk box has been removed)

*Athletes will wash/ sanitize hands when switching events 

*Athletes are not permitted to share personal training equipment (e.g. grips, slippers, wrist bands, wrist supports, ankle braces, tape, etc.)

*If you wish athletes can bring their own small yoga mat to sit on 

*There will be no foam pit usage

*Athletes must take all personal items home daily

*There will be no lost and found box For safety reasons everything left behind will be dispose at the end of the day including water bottles etc.

*Athletes will not be allowed to use the fridge or the microwave during snack time

*Try to come for practice wearing the training outfit to minimize the use of change room  


Class/ Team Management

*There will be a reduced number of gymnasts inside the facility to ensure we meet the physical distancing requirement

*We have created physical distancing at stations 

*Classes will be reduced approximately 10 minutes in order for facility safeguarding 

*We will stagger break times for competitive gymnasts

*We will provide designated break areas to ensure safe distancing 


Staff/ Coaching

*Prior to coming to work (daily) staff will be required to screen via self-assessment tool report to the supervisor to determine if either they or a household member has had onset of illness with symptoms compatible with suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 in the prior 14 days 

*We have placed an order for a free touch thermometer and it will be used for the staff daily when arriving at work

*Hands free coaching (no spotting) until further notice i.e. mainly circuits, unless required to prevent injury

*coaches will wear a face mask if will be required to assist an athlete closer (e.g. place a bandage etc.)

It will be very beneficial if you will take some time to read and explain to your child the gym protocols prior to attending first class


            ***We will exceed in our reopening standards for the safety of everyone***  

                                     Your cooperation on this is of the utmost importance 


Brantford Gymnastics Academy is a National High Performance club in the Brantford, Ancaster, Paris, St. George, Caledonia, Simcoe and surrounding area. Our High Performance status was obtained after producing athletes placing in the top 3 at Elite Canada and National Championships.

Brantford Gymnastics Academy is owned and operated by former National Champion of Romania, Iudita Brumaru, producing several provincial & national champions in the past 20 years. Brantford Gymnastics Academy has represented Canada at several International Competitions such as International Gymnix (Montreal), Tour La Comb (France), & Elite Gym Massilia (France), all of which BGA athletes qualified to compete in the finals bringing home International Titles.

Our gymnasts train with hard work and dedication to the sport year round! The dedicated and qualified coaching staff work close with the athletes to consistently strive for improvement and excellence at all levels. Offering classes from recreational all the way up to the national level, there is always a class for you at Brantford Gymnastics Academy.



June 29th-September 4th

Monday 4:00-7:00pm
Wednesday 4:30-6:30pm

519-304-7655 /


SUMMER CAMP: June 29th - September 4th
SUMMER GYMNASTICS: June 29th - September 4th